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What Our Taxi Groups Say…

TaxiCall has helped 2-million customers connect to more than 5000 drivers in Groups using TaxiCall since 2005. Our focus is on delivering the highest-quality service and the best value for all our Groups and their customers.

Harlow Black Taxis

Harlow Black Taxis has been a customer of TaxiCall since 2007. I am pleased to say that the service we receive is exemplary.

TaxiCall has enabled us to gain a greater share of the available customer market, while maintaining low costs for our drivers. TaxiCall gives us the flexibility to manage our business in a the way that is best suited to our market.

I would recommend TaxiCall as a service that is suitable for driver groups of any size, where you get a cost effective solution to meet the needs of customers and drivers alike.

Chris Currie


Direct Cars

Thank you for the many years that you have helped me expand my business tenfold. The service you give is exceptional, I can always rely on yourself to sort out any problems immediately, which don’t have any effects on my business.

Your staff are always willing to help in any situation especially since Covid when you help out by quickly realising the taxi trade was in for a rough ride. Thank you again, John and All your team keep up the exceptional service.

Richard Samuels

Ayr Premier Taxis Ltd

Ayr Premier Taxis is a group of Hackney Drivers that joined TaxiCall in 2007 As a Hackney company we have found Taxicall to be a perfect partner in delivering a cost-effective solution to the problem of running a staffed office 24/7.

On average our operators pay 70% less to be in our system against that asked by our competitors who run an office. It also builds a relationship with regular customers when they can speak to the driver that is coming to collect them, they can put a face to the voice so to speak.

John Kelly

Swift Taxi Cabs

TaxiCall what can I say, helpful from the word go, with help to obtain our personalised phone number, to the set up of our call system, what a excellent alternative to the traditional “having an operator answer”.

Customer interface is amazing and really user friendly for all operators, We love the “record all” incoming calls feature, it has been used many times by ourselves to identify those hard to hear addresses. Call statistic analysis allows us to identify and monitor call volume trends, identify areas to improve missed call opportunities and so much more. I would recommend time and time again.

Duane Swift


Fastline TaxiCall Bedford

Everything’s been thought about, you know, basically they got taxi drivers involved, got their feedback – how it could be better, how it could be improved – and all them ideas have gone into the system and been implemented, and there isn’t an idea that I could have in my head now that hasn’t been covered.

Gurdeep Dosanjh


ABC Taxis Stevenage

ABC Taxis Stevenage is a group of Hackney and Private Hire Drivers that joined Taxicall in 2008. TaxiCall is a cost-effective way to run a circuit without the overheads of operators.

I have found John very accommodating to new ideas and has implemented lots of new features to Taxicall at the request of ABC for no charge and no extra cost which you wouldn’t get with the big dispatch companies. TaxiCall also makes any new features available as options for all TaxiCall Users free of charge.

Over the Years John has become a true friend and has been a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Taxicall to New or Existing taxi groups.

Paul Barrett, Director