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Helping you manage your Taxi Business

TaxiCall offers users Apps that automate many of the processes involved in running your Taxi Group.

Driver Control, Administration and Information

Setting up drivers could not be simpler, giving you complete control to add, update and remove drivers on your team.

Your driver dashboard shows you:

  • Who is currently logged in and available and who is not
  • How many calls each driver has have taken each day
  • When they took their last call and where they are if logged in
  • Reminders for renewal or expiry dates for tax, MOT and licenses
  • Call statistics, with a breakdown of the results of calls made to every operator or driver with a detailed analysis of the reasons that any have been missed.

    Customer Administration and Information

    Keeping track of your customers is key to growing your base, retaining your best customers and ensuring that you continue to offer them the best service.

    Your customer dashboard shows you:

    • The 200 customers who have made the most calls to you, with the dates of the first and most recent call they have made.
    • The average number of days between calls over a specified period of time and the number of days since their last call. Where that number is above what might be expected it shows the figures in RED to indicate they might be using another taxi company.

    Financial Management

    Managing costs and payments is one of the most time-consuming tasks of any business, but TaxiCall offers simple solutions to help you manage your payments quickly and easily.

    Our standard procedure is to invoice the organiser of a driver group each month, with a report showing how much each driver owes for the TaxiCall service.

    There are two other options:

    1. Your drivers set up individual direct debits, and we collect what they owe on your behalf.
    2. We collect their owed amounts by direct debit, but we also add what you charge them for your own fees to cover your organisation’s costs etc. We then pass on the total of these payments to your bank account within 2 working days.
      The additional advantage is that you’re able to manage individual driver access to jobs in the case of late payments from them.

    Information About your Calls

    Keeping track of your call history in the TaxiCall “List Calls” report gives you several data points to help inform your customer management decisions.

    The report gives you:

    • All customer calls for the last 24 hours including the number of the caller, the time called, which driver(s) the call was put through to and the result
    • The length of time the caller was connected after the call was answered.
    • The ability to search for, and isolate, any information regarding a particular customer or driver during any period over at least 3 months.
    • The time that drivers have logged in and out.
    • Optionally, it will also allow you to listen to calls made within the last seven days in the event of queries or disputes.

    Time and Day of Week Analysis

    Added to our List Calls report, we also offer analysis for each day of the week, as follows:

    • For each day of the week (in 6 x four-hour slots) we give you the analysis of Connected Calls, Diverted Calls, No Drivers Logged In, and Missed Calls in the 4-hour slots, and highlight where the calls you are missing in those slots are more than 50% of the calls you are receiving.
    • This should give you an indication of when your drivers who are keen to earn more may be able to not only pick up more jobs but help to keep your customers calling you.
    • It may also indicate the type of driver you may want to recruit specifically to cover those time slots where you are performing badly. An unanswered customer will try another taxi firm and is potentially a lost customer.

    TaxiCall offers a range of functions for Drivers and Customers

    TaxiCall gives independent Taxi drivers and Taxi management companies cost-effective customer call management, with easy-to-use Apps that connect you directly to customers for a fraction of the cost that other large providers would charge.

    Call Handling

    Direct communication between Customers, Drivers or Taxi Offices.

    Advanced Booking System

    Schedule and manage advanced bookings quickly and easily.

    Reception Desk Booking

    Connect with local businesses for bookings for their customers.


    View our pricing for Taxi Groups.

    Driver App

    Customised Driver App for each taxi driver to manage their trips.

    Customer App

    Book and manage taxi trips requests quickly and easily.

    What Our Taxi Groups Say...

    TaxiCall has helped 2-million customers connect to more than 5000 drivers in Groups using TaxiCall since 2005. Our focus is on delivering the highest-quality service and the best value for all our Groups and their customers.

    Chris Currie, Harlow Black Taxis

    I am pleased to say that the service we receive is exemplary. Taxicall has enabled us to gain a greater share of the available customer market, while maintaining low costs for our drivers.

    Taxicall gives us the flexibility to manage our business in a way that is best suited to our market. I would recommend Taxicall as a service that is suitable for driver groups of any size, where you get a cost effective solution to meet the needs of customers and drivers alike.

    Richard Samuels, Direct Cars

    Thank you for the many years that you have helped me expand my business tenfold. The service you give is exceptional, I can always rely on you to sort out any problems immediately, which don’t have any effects on my business.

    Your staff are always willing to help in any situation especially since Covid when you help out by quickly realising the taxi trade was in for a rough ride. Thank you again John and All your team keep up the exceptional service.