TaxiCall was originally launched in 2005 to provide independent Hackney Drivers with a shared local number from which calls are distributed automatically and fairly to available drivers.

A raft of changes to the taxi industry brought in by the Multi-National Taxi Companies meant that TaxiCall was able to extend the service to include Private Hire taxis too, and we have continued to add a series of features to help drivers develop business, whether operating independently, as part of a local taxi co-operative group, or as a company managing a fleet of drivers.

The aim has always been to provide the easiest way to connect customers looking for a pick-up with available drivers in the area, and with our newly-upgraded Driver and Customer Apps and UK-wide expansion, that is what we are consistently able to deliver.

Through our Apps, customers simply call a TaxiCall number, and the TaxiCall system puts the call through to the right driver in the nearest circuit, whether that’s in their usual home town or if they’re travelling and need a taxi in a different city, town or village.

The system finds a driver based on an algorithm that allocates the job based either on finding the driver who has waited longest for a call, or the nearest driver, ensuring a fair distribution of work.

And unlike Uber or Bolt, TaxiCall does not charge drivers a per-trip commission based on the value of the fare, meaning not only that all fares go to the driver or taxi company, but also that the taxis are able to keep their fares more reasonable for their customers.

Our Apps help drivers manage their incoming calls, receive and review requests for advance bookings, manage fares, track and report on activity and more.

As Chris Currie of Harlow Black Taxis says, “We have been a customer of TaxiCall since 2007, and I am pleased to say that the service we receive is exemplary.
“TaxiCall has enabled us to gain a greater share of the available customer market, while maintaining low costs for our drivers. The system gives us the flexibility to manage our business in a way that is best suited to our market. I would recommend TaxiCall as a service that is suitable for driver groups of any size.”

Find out more about our TaxiCall Driver App here or call us on 0800 036 8750.