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TaxiCall Customer App for easy local and national taxi bookings

TaxiCall’s Customer App helps users find, book and manage their taxi pick-ups both within their local area and nationally, with simple and easy-to-use functionality.

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The Customer App offers users:

  • Easy Advance Booking functionality
  • Auto-fill based on previous trip history, for easy repeat trips
  • Intelligent address searching
  • Quick connectivity to other TaxiCall Groups or Taxi Companies if you’re away from your usual area

For TaxiCall Groups it offers:

  • The Customer App can be branded with your logo and name so that customers feel reassured that they know who will be picking them up.
  • Guaranteed business for your customers if you have drivers available.
  • The App also helps you manage your booking responses, confirmation timings and scheduling to ensure you always offer the best service.

What Our Taxi Groups Say...

TaxiCall has helped 2-million customers connect to more than 5000 drivers in Groups using TaxiCall since 2005. Our focus is on delivering the highest-quality service and the best value for all our Groups and their customers.

Chris Currie, Harlow Black Taxis

I am pleased to say that the service we receive is exemplary. Taxicall has enabled us to gain a greater share of the available customer market, while maintaining low costs for our drivers.

Taxicall gives us the flexibility to manage our business in a way that is best suited to our market. I would recommend Taxicall as a service that is suitable for driver groups of any size, where you get a cost effective solution to meet the needs of customers and drivers alike.

Richard Samuels, Direct Cars

Thank you for the many years that you have helped me expand my business tenfold. The service you give is exceptional, I can always rely on you to sort out any problems immediately, which don’t have any effects on my business.

Your staff are always willing to help in any situation especially since Covid when you help out by quickly realising the taxi trade was in for a rough ride. Thank you again John and All your team keep up the exceptional service.