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Connecting Taxi Groups & Customers fast, efficiently & safely

Cloud-based Taxi Dispatch System

Cost-effective customer contact

Million Users

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Cost-Effective Job Acquisition

Drivers can acquire jobs through their TaxiCall Driver App at a
very reasonable cost of just 24p per job. The additional monthly subscription of £6 plus 12p per job
for using the app and advance booking system ensures cost efficiency while maximizing earnings.
TaxiCall eliminates setup charges and hidden costs, offering a transparent pricing model. Drivers
benefit from clear financial expectations when using the platform.

Flexibility and Convenience

TaxiCall offers both fully automated and office-based options,
allowing drivers to select the setup that aligns with their preferences and operational needs. This
flexibility is complemented by the capability to manage the system from anywhere worldwide,
enhancing convenience for drivers.

Building and Retaining a Local Customer Base

The personalized TaxiCall Customer App
empowers drivers to establish and maintain strong relationships with their local customers. This
feature supports a steady stream of jobs from loyal TaxiCall customers in their area.


The TaxiCall Network is accessible through various devices, including
smartphones, PCs, tablets, and more, as long as they are connected to the internet. This feature
means drivers don’t need any additional equipment, making it highly accessible.

Large User Base

TaxiCall has already been used by over 2 million people in the UK. This
substantial user base translates into a broader pool of potential customers for drivers, increasing
their potential bookings from visitors from other areas. We are now building the TaxiCall Network
to cover every STD area in the UK. Be part of it!


Call handling

TaxiCall is clever enough to take calls and deal with them just like a person in an
office, and for Groups of drivers working together it distributes them according to simple and fair
rules to a Driver in a position to do the Job. Bar unwanted callers.


TaxiCall is under your total control for adding and managing Drivers and Jobs,
with valuable performance information and even automated collection of fees from individual drivers.

The Driver App

“One click” logging on and off work; listen to recordings of recent calls to check
details, or enter into advance bookings if initially taken when “hands-free”; see forecasts – based on
day of week and time of day – of potential volume of current call activity. Notification and listing of
advance booking details, either allocated, or available for acceptance under “Fastest Finger First”
(which ensure no “double bookings”).

Reception Desk Booking

A version of the Customer App which makes it “Oh So Easy” for hotels,
restaurants, pubs, hairdressers, etc…. to contact you on behalf of their customers.


TaxiCall can provide this comprehensive service at such low prices because we are so
automated ourselves with low overhead costs (but high quality computer systems and support),
and a high volume of business as a result. Please see our Testimonials


“Thank you for the many years that you
have helped me expand my business

Richard Samuels | Direct Cars

TaxiCall what can I say, helpful from the word go, with help to obtain our personalised phone number, to the set up of our call system, what an excellent alternative to the traditional “having an operator answer”.

Duane Swift | Swift Taxi Cabs